About Me

My academic background is in Social Anthropology (MA Social Anthropology, Edinburgh University), Agricultural Engineering (MSc Agricultural Engineering, Cranfield, UK).  Over the last twenty five years, I have worked in the agricultural/environmental sector as part of teams carrying out farming systems and innovation systems analysis, research and extension, monitoring and evaluation with farming communities in Kenya, Namibia, Bangladesh, India and Ecuador. 

Early in my career I trained in Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) approaches, which use visual tools, to carry out situation analysis, planning and reflection.  Using visual tools remains my passion. Over the last few years I have been using visual tools in meetings, and creating infographic and animations to support organisations with their learning and  communication.  I am an active member of the International Forum for Visual Practitioners.  

As a Social Anthropologist, and with experience of working in  Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, I am very aware of the importance of using culturally appropriate images.  I like to start an assignment by finding out as much as I can about the target audience.  Testing and piloting images and animations, and responding to feedback, is an integral part of my process.  I’m continually working to improve my products, and develop new ways of working based on client feedback and the latest research in education, communication and design.    

My mother tongue is English but I can also work in French and have a basic knowledge of Spanish and KiSwahili.

I’m excited by the power of images to promote creative thinking and to share complex ideas in a simple and engaging way.  By communicating more effectively, by encouraging dialogue and big picture thinking, I believe we can ensure that the important research and insights being generated, in the agricultural and environmental sectors, lead to real impact for a more sustainable natural resource management and a healthier planet.