Case Studies

To give you an idea of how visual tools can be used, and what the process involves, have a look at these case studies of projects I have worked on.

Using visual tools to promote creative thinking and the development of shared plans.

World Wildlife fund and CORDIO used pictures and animations to explore different visions for Indian Ocean economies and ecosystems.

Explaining research and evaluation findings to the people who who need to know.

Mastercard foundation’s Rural and Agricultural Finance Learning Lab used a whiteboard animation to share the findings of its Big Data research with their busy, smallholder finance providers.

Sharing scientific information in a fresh and accessible way.

Tree Safari uses animations and comics to raise awareness about trees and forests in Kenya.

Producing a simple visual guide to a complex process.

UNEP is using a short ‘coffee break length’ animation to give its staff a user-friendly overview of their ‘Results Based Planning’ approach and the use of the ‘Theory of change’.