The Process

The process of developing visual tools together starts with a meeting (face to face or online) to discuss your learning/communication goals and the audience you want to reach.

Things to discuss at this stage include:-

  • What are your communication/learning goals?

  • Who are your target group? (relevant preferences, behavior, language and literacy). Feedback from past communication/learning activities.

  • Any stylistic preferences? – colours, music, voice (this discussion can be continued during the storyboard development process).

  • What is your time frame?

Some partners invite me to attend a team meeting/workshop to co create ideas/metaphors with their target group. An online brainstorming session is also an option. This can be fun and energizing and builds ownership of the final product. Follow this link for more information on using visual tools in meetings.

Once we are clear on what we want to communicate, and the best medium to use, we may decide to create an infographic or a whiteboard animation. Click on the links to see the steps involved and an estimate of the time involved.

Click here to read more about using visual tools in meetings.

Click here to see the steps involved in creating an infographic.

Click here to see the steps involved in creating a whiteboard animation.

Please contact me if you have any questions,or to discuss a project.