Producing a simple visual guide to a complex process.

UN Environment Programme guide to Results Based Planning.

The Challenge

UNEP's Strategy Planning Unit wanted to ensure that all staff members were familiar and comfortable with using its Results-based Planning Approach.  UNEP holds regular workshops in Results Based management and the process is described in detail in the Programme Manual.  But the Strategy Planning Unit wanted to provide an additional learning tool for those who had not attended workshops, and were too busy to refer the manual.

Visual Tool Selected

The team decided to create a short, accessible 'coffee break' length animation giving an overview of the Results Based Planning process. This could be shared on the UNEP intranet, shown at training workshops, at team meetings and placed on the website so that staff could refer to it when embarking on a planning exercise.


I worked together with the Strategy Planning Unit, Policy and Programme Division and the Evaluation office to get their input on what should be included in the animation: particularly focusing on areas where they felt there was a lack of understanding or clarity.  


The whiteboard animation has been incorporated into the Results Based Planning training module.  the team report that simplifying the content has  assisted learning, and using an animation has contributed to a more engaging learning experience. 

Click on the image below to view the animation

This is one of a series of ‘explainer animations’ and infographics I have produced with UNEP.  The advantage of creating a series is that we have the opportunity to learn and improve the effectiveness of our visual tools as we go along. 

For an example of a simpler ‘explainer infographic’, with no voiceover, see the UNEP's introduction to the Evaluation Office for Consultants.